Lloyds Bank


The objectives of the project were to develop a set of propositions which would guide the next phase of the Digital Transformation programme. An extensible development framework was needed which would broaden and deepen the relationship with the customers and guarantee a successful outcome for future initiatives.

Agency: Razorfish



The Process
A blended Agile/Lean UX framework was adopted. The team comprised of senior staff from the agency and bank who co-created a set of hypotheses with design examples which were tested with key customer segments for appetite.


The creative team either took preformed hypotheses or looked into their own using a territory/segment/trend filter. The outcome was either expressed as a lo fidelity design, an Axure prototype or fully working HTML5 code.



Selected concepts for development



Shareable Bank Account
An account which allowed transparent group saving and spending. Owned by one person acting as the admin who has the ability to invite others to join and contribute to a shared fund. The example application which was evolved was for a travel application.





The sign up process was presented to the steering committee as a live working prototype inviting members of the audience to sign up and join an account using their own phone.



Intelligent Search
Expanding the role of the search functionality within the website to enable customers to perform banking functions in one centralised UI element, as well as allowing the bank to reveal products the customers may not be aware of. The potential for the UI to operate independently from the website also opened up new avenues of thought.



First Delivery Project — Internet Banking



The scope of the first delivery project was to provide extensible enhancements to Internet Banking addressing multi-device solutions and touch optimisation. These were to have no detrimental effect on sales and minimise impact on customer relationships.

Based on two rounds of qualitative research five enhancements were decided upon:

1. Touch Optimisation
Ensuring useable on touch devices

2. Actions
Providing key banking functions contextually with accounts

3. Navigation
Introduction of a persistent IB navigation

4. Smart Suggest
IB wide search function which also suggests relevant services and products

5. Profile & Settings
An area where customers can manage a range of personal service and account specific settings 



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